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Core Java application programming
Swing, JDBC, SQL, XML, SNMP, Linux, iSeries, AIX, Windows

Java application, utility, tools, programming

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Core Java application development is the main focus at South Fork Software. Applications written by South Fork Software are often required to run on multiple versions of Windows, Linux, AIX, MAC and other operating systems. Some of these applications are enabled in English, French, German and Japanese. South Fork Software will work with your translators to enable applications in the languages you require.

Carefully constructed, neatly formatted, object oriented, well documented Java code is written here. Easy to read and easy to extend code makes your application last for many years and grow easily as requirements expand. Java applications give you the freedom to change operating systems, just move the same Java application jar file to the new OS and it runs !

South Fork Software has long experience writing tools and utilities that run on one computer or remotely control many computers/servers. Writing remote agents in c or Java that listen to SNMP or JMS or custom secure sockets is standard here. No project is too small and large projects can be divided into functional parts, then delivered as parts are completed.

RPM-MPH is a gearing application written in PHP. Useful for racing designers, truck or engine conversion mechanics.

More demos will be posted soon.

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